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HMX Pro Courses

Get the medical science knowledge you need to get ahead.

The HMX Pro series is designed to get busy professionals up to speed on highly relevant, cutting-edge topics in fields like genetics and immunology with targeted courses featuring Harvard Medical School’s innovative approach to online learning. Our next course period begins January 9 – there’s no application fee required through October 2.

Topic Areas and Courses

HMX Pro Genetics

The way physicians diagnose and treat diseases is changing, thanks to a deeper understanding of the human genome and its relationship to health.

Available courses:

Understand the links between genetics and cancer, and learn how genomics knowledge is advancing precision cancer treatments.

Explore current genetic tests and their clinical applications, get an inside look at sequencing technologies and emerging tests, and learn how advances in the field can lead to improved health care.

Explore recent advances in gene therapy and learn about the implications for patient care.

Learn key concepts in genetics, with an emphasis on genetic variation and inheritance of disease.

HMX Pro Immunology

Advanced knowledge of the immune system is changing how medical professionals treat a range of diseases, with profound implications across health care.

Available courses:

Understand how the immune system is being harnessed for cutting-edge cancer treatments like checkpoint blockade therapy and CAR T cell therapy.

Learn how the immune system is activated and regulated, and see how that informs the development of cutting-edge treatments for chronic inflammation and related diseases.

Learn how knowledge of the immune system is enabling us to create vaccines that protect against infections by disease-causing viruses.

If you need more background in immunology before taking on an advanced course, we also offer HMX Fundamentals Immunology.

HMX Pro Pharmacology

Knowledge of key pharmacology concepts is vital for understanding how medical professionals treat patients now – and what the future of health care might bring.

Available courses:

Learn about drug delivery systems, approaches, and technologies, and see how improvements can lead to better patient outcomes.

Understand advances in drug discovery and development and how new therapeutics are developed.

Learn how therapeutics are assessed during clinical drug development.

Understand the principles governing how drugs impact the body, and see how these concepts apply to the treatment and prevention of disease.

Course Information

Upcoming sessions

January 9 – March 22, 2024 | Apply now through December 5
April 9 – June 21, 2024 | Application opens December 6
June 4 – August 16, 2024 | Application opens March 20

Time commitment

Each HMX Pro course is designed to take 10-20 hours to complete. New material will be released periodically during the beginning of the session, and will remain available throughout the period until the final exam.


US$995 for an individual course
US$1250 for a two-course bundle ($625 per course)
US$1795 for a three-course bundle ($598.33 per course)
US$2350 for a four-course bundle ($587.50 per course)
US$2695 for a five-course bundle ($539 per course)
Please note: Five is the maximum number of courses you can bundle; all courses in a bundle must be completed in the same session.

Think others at your company would be interested? We offer group discounts and direct enrollment options – contact us to learn more.

Eligibility and Prerequisites

HMX Pro courses are designed for current professionals looking to increase knowledge for work in health care, life sciences, pharma, and related industries, including those in both scientific and business roles.

HMX Pro Essentials courses cover key concepts in each topic area, useful as a streamlined introduction and/or as preparation for advanced courses. We recommend participants in these courses have a background in basic biology, chemistry, and physics.

Advanced HMX Pro courses focus on a specific topic in depth; in order to get the most from these courses, participants should have some knowledge of the underlying topic (for example, genetics or immunology). Those requiring further background may choose to take an accompanying Essentials course, or consider our HMX Fundamentals courses for a broader overview.

Note: It is not recommended to take both an Essentials and a Fundamentals course on the same topic; there is topic overlap between the corresponding Fundamentals and Essentials courses, with the latter being focused on the essential knowledge needed to succeed in the advanced HMX Pro courses.

Questions about whether HMX Pro is right for you? Contact us.

Certificates available

Certificate of Achievement
Certificate of Completion