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Learn online with Harvard Medical School

Earn a certificate from Harvard Medical School and
hit the ground running for the next stage of your career.

Pursuing a health care career?

  • Develop your understanding of topics important for medical school and other health care programs
  • Get an inside look at how fundamental concepts apply to real-life patient care
  • Focus your studying and build confidence for your next step

Want to help your students succeed?

Find out how you can bring the HMX experience to your institution.

Working on projects related to health care?

  • Build foundational knowledge to collaborate more effectively across disciplines or topic areas
  • Learn more about the science behind today’s health care innovations
  • Connect the dots between your work and the practice of medicine

Want to give your company an edge?

Partner with Harvard Medical School to enhance your training program.

Courses include Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Immunology.

Highly Visual and Interactive

Complex material comes to life through visually engaging
explanations rather than traditional lectures and PowerPoint slides.


“The assessment questions were well formulated and allowed me to really determine whether I was understanding the concepts correctly.”

HMX Student

HMX Physiology

Learn foundational concepts in physiology and see how they apply to patient care.

HMX Immunology

Learn foundational concepts in immunology and gain a basis for understanding a broad range of medical conditions.


HMX Biochemistry

Learn foundational concepts in biochemistry and gain insight into the molecular basis of disease.

HMX Genetics

Learn foundational concepts in genetics and see how genomics is changing the face of health care.

What Makes HMX
Courses So Effective?

Course components designed to maximize your learning.

True-to-life Scenarios

Real-world stories let you explore concepts, providing relevance and integration of key principles.

True-to-life Scenarios True-to-life Scenarios True-to-life Scenarios True-to-life Scenarios True-to-life Scenarios True-to-life Scenarios True-to-life Scenarios True-to-life Scenarios True-to-life Scenarios True-to-life Scenarios
True-to-life Scenarios

Dynamic Animations

Illustrative visuals guide you through complex processes in a step-by-step, self-paced way.

Dynamic Animations Dynamic Animations Dynamic Animations
Dynamic Animations

“The immunology visuals were wonderful!
The step-by-step illustrations were very
clear, easy to
understand, and
helpful in digesting the lesson.”

HMX Student

Concept Videos

Clear, concise, and visually engaging explanations from expert Harvard Medical School faculty teach key concepts in digestible segments, using writing, drawing, and animations along with conversational tone.

Concept Videos: Blood Cells Concept Videos: Dogma Concept Videos: Labels
Concept Videos: Blood Cells

Interactive Components

Explore topics through active learning and experimentation with simulations and other uniquely responsive visuals.

Dive animation: 0ft Dive animation: 10ft Dive animation: 20ft Dive animation: 30ft Dive animation: 40ft Dive animation: 50ft Dive animation: 60ft Dive animation: 70ft Dive animation: 80ft Dive animation: 90ft Dive animation: 100ft Dive animation: 110ft Dive animation: 120ft Dive animation: 130ft Dive animation: 140ft Dive animation: 150ft

Clinical Applications

Focus on the concepts that matter for your future by tying your learning to real clinical applications. Venture inside the hospital or other clinical setting with outstanding HMS clinicians. These videos bring you closer to the practice of medicine and give you a glimpse into your future.

Clinical Applications: ICU Clinical Applications: Dialysis Clinical Applications: Allergy
Clinical Applications: ICU

“The physiology interactives that showed the changes in pressure and volume were the best parts… they helped me see a representation of what I was learning and therefore helped me better conceptualize the content.”

HMX Student

Quiz Questions &
Other Assessments

Check your understanding, enhance your learning, and measure your progress. Quizzes at the beginning and end of each course showed significant learning gains for students at all levels of background knowledge. In HMX Immunology, students showed an average of 83% improvement in score.

Average Quiz Scores

Notetaking Guides

Downloadable for digital or paper-based note taking workflows, these visually crafted documents help you synthesize and review key topics.

Notetaking Guides Notetaking Guides Notetaking Guides
Notetaking Guides

Learn From a Trusted Source

Courses are led by Harvard Medical School faculty, working in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of experts in biomedical visualization, assessment, and the science of learning to create a unique learning experience that will stay with you.

These are the same online courses taken by incoming Harvard Medical School students (including incoming medical, dental, and immunology graduate students) prior to starting school to prepare for their rigorous curriculum. HMX courses are also used in the new Harvard Medical School curriculum as part of a “flipped classroom” model of teaching.

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