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Angela Sorensen

Angela Sorensen

HMX Courses

Immunology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology

Angela Sorensen was interested in science from a young age, an interest she’s turned into a career as a health consultant. She began HMX courses with the thought that they could help her in her work, and completed them with dreams of pursuing further medical study. “I got the bug,” she says.

Hear more of Angela’s story on the Learning Paths podcast.

What brought you to HMX courses?

I’m a health consultant for women and I’ve been getting more and more complex cases coming to me and so this course came in really handy to have a better grasp on things and to work alongside doctors in a more comprehensive way.

Even if I didn’t do that, I’d still have done [the courses] because I’m really passionate about science and health. I’ve always been the one asking questions at the doctor’s office. You know the kind!

When I tried out the previews of the modules, I couldn’t get my eyes off them, I was absorbed. It totally fits in with my way of learning plus I could tell the quality was good.

What was the challenge level like for you?

To be honest with you, for me it was [most difficult in] biochemistry – I felt behind. I did science at school, but that was a long time ago. The tools were helpful and once I had a strategy in place it became doable. Plus you can ask as many questions as you like; [the discussion forum moderators] were outstanding! They explained everything so well.

Despite the quality of the course and the support system, if like me you haven’t had science in a while, take many notes! It may take you longer than planned but it will help with your comprehension, which is key.

Being so passionate about it was what helped me through the four courses – with work commitments it meant I didn’t take a single day off, I was working and studying. I would dream about it at night, I was obsessed by it.

What was your experience like in the courses?

It was an amazing experience. The learning platform is well designed; I loved the clinical applications so you could put the theory into context with real patients.

A great value add is seeing the doctor-to-patient interactions. I have a soft spot for [HMX Physiology instructor] Dr. Schwartzstein – I loved how professional he was whilst being empathetic with his patients, you can tell he truly cares without crossing the line. He’s so nice…It was great to see his interaction with patients, because it helps me as well, with my clients.

How do you think you’ll apply what you’ve learned?

For my business, it helps me better understand my lane and both my strengths and limitations…I always say I work alongside the doctor, I’m not diagnosing, I never go in and say, ‘Stop the medication.’ That’s not my place.

Especially biochemistry, it was a big eye-opener on many things. It’s not like I can sort of implement it in an official way, but it’s informing me. With my knowledge on nutrition and alternative medicine it helps me combine the two in a powerful way. I think it’s important to realize the power and limitations of both sides [traditional and alternative medicines].

On a personal level, when I applied, I was thinking, ‘ok, let me just do this, maybe that will be enough, or maybe I will get the bug to study further.’ I got the bug…I’m currently trying to think about what my options are going forward. I might do a degree in biochemistry, most likely part-time. Having said that, if my business could pay for it, and I got into Harvard Medical School, I’d go in a heartbeat!

I think the one thing that popped in my mind during the course was I should have done medicine at 18. But I think at 18 I wouldn’t have had that resolve. I wouldn’t have been as engaged and wouldn’t have gone after the highest grade and learning as much as I could. So I can’t look back in that sense.

Anything else you’d like to share?

It has really opened my appetite to study more and reaffirmed more than ever how passionate I am on the topic of health and medicine. HMX was incredibly supportive. Thank you!

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