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Companies can partner with
Harvard Medical School to offer their employees access to HMX courses.

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HMX courses are taught by Harvard Medical School faculty and include real-life scenarios and clinical applications that allow participants to see medical principles in practice.

HMX courses are recommended for businesses that want to:

  • gain a competitive advantage by helping employees better understand the medical science and context needed to do their jobs more effectively/strategically
  • enable cross-functional teams to communicate and collaborate better
  • provide perks to employees for retention/advancement
  • give their organization an advantage by learning from the best

HMX courses are right for professionals who:

  • want to better understand the science, terminology, and application of what they’re working on
  • are curious about science with a clinical and human bent
  • work on health care-related projects, applications, or research
  • are interested in understanding how physiology, immunology, genetics, biochemistry, and pharmacology impact health and wellness
  • want to learn about foundational medical principles without going to medical school

“For my own personal understanding it’s made a world of difference.”

Allie Hyans
Biopharmaceutical industry professional








Course Information

Course offerings

HMX currently offers five courses covering foundational topics in medicine. Learn more about what each course covers, and sign up for the HMX Preview course to see a sample lesson from each course.

HMX Immunology covers principles that are important for understanding innate and adaptive immunological responses, including lessons on failures of the immune system and novel immune therapies.

HMX Genetics provides an overview of key concepts behind the evolving fields of human genetics, genomics, and precision medicine.

HMX Pharmacology provides a basis for understanding how drugs and other therapeutics are used in the treatment and prevention of diseases and disorders.

HMX Biochemistry focuses on the foundational principles and themes in biochemistry, spanning from the molecular up to the whole organism, with a focus on how chemical processes intersect with human disease.

HMX Physiology covers principles that are important for understanding multiple organ systems, showing how this knowledge comes into play in patient care.

Frequently asked questions

What do participants need to know to succeed in the courses?

We recommend basic knowledge of chemistry, biology, and physics. Advanced knowledge of these topics is not required.

How can participants get help?

Each course includes an online forum staffed by advanced Harvard Medical School students where participants can get their questions answered and discuss related topics.

Are participants eligible to earn Harvard Medical School certificates?

We offer a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Completion for those who attain certain thresholds in a course. Scores on assessments throughout the course, including a final exam, will determine whether participants qualify for a certificate.


Learn about the experiences of professionals in HMX courses.

“The learning objectives at the beginning, then all of the concepts through the story and the videos, and then the linkage to disease, I thought that was amazing. For me that was the most valuable part.”

Laura Gonzalez
Corporate Development Manager


“We’re building an app for clinicians…now I feel like I have a much better understanding of the relevance and importance of the different things that we’re displaying.”

Juan Silveira
Staff Software Engineer


“The class provided a really great foundation of learning about the immune system…the professors were great, the videos were extremely well done, the lessons were the right length and were engaging.”

Business development director
Large biopharmaceutical company