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Portrait of a Learner
Lina Scroggins | Google

Meet HMX students and hear their story.

HMX learners share a goal of accelerating their understanding of medical science topics but their journey of how they end up in an HMX online classroom can take many paths.

Hear how Lina Scroggins, a senior program manager at Google Health, dreamed of being a lawyer before finding her way to a career in the health care industry and learning with HMX while balancing a full-time job: “Taking the HMX courses taught me a lot about what it’s like to be an adult professional who has a job and a family who also wants to learn.”

Find out how you can learn with HMX

Enhance your knowledge and stay ahead with foundational science to advanced topics courses while having the opportunity to earn a certificate from Harvard Medical School. Companies including Google, Novartis, and Moderna have offered HMX courses to employees to emphasize the role of learning in keeping pace with change. Learn more about discounts and enrollment options.