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Schools and institutions can partner with Harvard Medical School to offer their students access to HMX courses—the same online courses that Harvard Medical School offers to our incoming students over the summer as an opportunity to prepare for demanding coursework and to our current students as part of the flipped classroom model.

Contact us online by submitting the form below, via or by phone at 617-432-8900 to learn more about how HMX courses can complement your curriculum.

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Help your students get ahead and stay ahead
  • Prepare students to hit the ground running and get the most out of your courses.
  • Extend your school’s curriculum with online materials to augment or flip the classroom experience.
  • Bring fundamental principles and clinical applications to life for your students with interactive multimedia experiences.
  • Feed forward into your own curriculum—benefit from rich analytics about students’ interactions and learning gains, points of confusion, and completion statistics.
Your students will
  • benefit from courses built based on best practices in learning sciences and biomedical visualization.
  • experience a unique approach to teaching Immunology, Physiology, and other topics in our expanding HMX Fundamentals Series.
  • learn from clinicians at Harvard-affiliated healthcare institutions demonstrating the importance of foundational principles in caring for real patients.


“It is exciting to see these fantastic new approaches to medical education being used successfully both here at HMS and by innovative schools around the world.”

Edward Hundert, MD
Dean for Medical Education
Harvard Medical School