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Certificate Verification

Verify HMX certificates provided by Harvard Medical School.

Add the Document ID provided on an HMX certificate to verify the certificate in our records.

Please note: Names are entered by learners. HMX does not validate any titles or degrees.

Questions? Contact us at

Office of Online Learning, External Education acknowledges that Daria Bogatova has earned the HMX Pro Immunology—Immuno-oncology Certificate of Achievement on June 25, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Do HMX certificates convey Harvard Medical School credit?

No, we do not award credit for HMX courses.

What criteria are used to award HMX certificates?

Scores and participation in assessments throughout the course, including a final exam, determine whether a student qualifies for:
  • a Certificate of Achievement – meeting minimum score requirements
  • a Certificate of Completion – completing all course materials, with no minimum score requirement
  • no certificate
Earning a certificate requires significant effort, and not all participants will meet that level. Letter grades (A, B, C, and so on) are not awarded.

Does HMX provide transcripts?

HMX does not provide formal transcripts; however, along with each certificate we provide a cover letter that includes scores.

I have an HMX certificate without a Document ID. Is the certificate valid?

Certificates issued before August 2020 do not have Document IDs. To validate a certificate without a Document ID, please contact