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Eugenia Prohin

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Arensia Exploratory Medicine

HMX Courses

Immuno-oncology, Cancer Genomics and Precision Oncology, Pharmacology

A psychiatrist by training, Eugenia Prohin shifted to a career in clinical research in recent years; she currently manages clinical operations at Arensia Exploratory Medicine, which operates research clinics across Eastern Europe. She took HMX Pro courses on immuno-oncology and cancer genomics to better understand the early-phase trials under way in the company’s oncology research. She had previously taken HMX Fundamentals Pharmacology.

How challenging were the courses for you?

They were a bit challenging; I can’t deny that. The first course I took was [HMX Fundamentals] Pharmacology, and it was easier for me because it was mostly a reminder of what I had studied in university, maybe going deeper in some things, especially related to the new therapies that had appeared. But these two [HMX Pro courses] were a bit challenging – they took some effort from my side to understand some issues and to read more, I think they were appropriately challenging, and very interesting for me.

What aspects of the courses did you find most helpful for your learning?

It helped me to see [videos of] patients talking and specialists talking. Especially in cancer genomics, seeing what they do in genomic sequencing labs, how they do this – that was totally new for me, so I loved watching that. Also the infographics were really useful…they help you structure the information in your head.

Who would you recommend take these courses?

I would definitely recommend the courses to everybody involved in clinical research, everybody desiring to go deeper – medical directors in CROs, investigators, specialists in the field of drug development. Everybody involved in clinical research would benefit from these courses.

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