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Learning Paths Podcast

Conversations with students, teachers, and professionals on the importance of continuous learning in health care and beyond.

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Learning can take many forms, from traditional academic environments to on-the-job training to self-paced online education. But what makes for truly effective learning? How do you persist through inevitable challenges? What does success actually look like?

The Learning Paths podcast from Harvard Medical School’s HMX online learning team features conversations with students, teachers, and professionals about their diverse educational motivations and experiences, and how they’ve used their knowledge to have real impact in health care and related fields.

In each episode, you’ll get a unique perspective on the importance of continuous learning, with lessons you can apply to your own career – wherever you are on your path.


Mark Silcock

Mark Silcock

“I love to expose myself to things that perhaps I might not know about, or something that just is going to really challenge me intellectually and perhaps even morally or philosophically.”

Hear about Mark’s approach to making big career – and life – decisions.

Angie Sorensen

Angie Sorensen

“You just never know where [further education] leads you to. And I think if you want to do it, just do it.”

Follow Angie’s journey from aspiring actress to a career in health and wellness – with a lot of learning along the way.

Kate McDonnell-Dowling

Kate McDonnell-Dowling

“Something I always think about is, take a step back, think about the student perspective. How are they receiving this? How are they learning from this? And then designing my courses and my content around that.”

Learn about Kate’s strategies for teaching effectively both in-person and online – and how her experiences as a student have helped to shape her approach.

Lena Levin with podcast image

Lena Levin

“I use [what I learn] in order to communicate more efficiently with surgeons or with physicians, so they understand what I’m talking about. And I understand what they’re saying. And I can build my question more precisely.”

Hear how Lena has built a successful career in medical devices through a focus on continuous learning.

Lina Scroggins with podcast image

Lina Scroggins

“I really enjoyed roles that required me to learn about something new upfront. And at Google, it’s really exciting to have that opportunity to do that.”

Listen to Lina’s professional development journey – and learn how she’s focused on helping colleagues along the way.

Francisco Borja with podcast image

Francisco Borja

“I discovered that every time I learn something new, that leads me to many other things that make me feel the joy of experiencing new professional and personal possibilities.”

Find out what keeps Dr. Borja motivated to pursue – and complete – learning opportunities across medicine, public health, law, and more.