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Meher Muhammad Zeeshan

Meher Muhammad Zeeshan


University of Pécs, Hungary

HMX Courses

Pharmacology, Physiology, Biochemistry

An undergraduate nursing student at the University of Pécs in Hungary, Meher Muhammad Zeeshan found HMX courses while looking for resources to improve his understanding of pharmacology. He ended up enrolling in multiple courses; here, he shares how his experience helped his performance in school, and why he’d recommend the courses to other students.

What brought you to HMX courses?

It’s been a challenge for me to learn pharmacology. Maybe sometimes I’m not good with names and mechanisms of action, those kind of things…that’s why I took the course, and it really helped me out, separating those terms which were just like junk in my brain. I couldn’t figure out what was what, so it just organized the information in my brain and now I know where to find what.

How have the courses helped you understand challenging topics?

My clinical practice is in diabetology. I have to deal with so many things with insulin development that we learned back in my last semester; but with HMX I learned so much about the history, how a drug was developed, and then its mechanism of action being IV and not the digestive tract. Also, the most helpful thing I found was the clinical scenarios. They brought us to the clinical areas and they would explain everything with different patients and especially about the mechanisms of action and drug development. The videos were very quality; sometimes I wouldn’t understand because so many terms are coming, but I would go watch it again over and over, and this is how I learned. That was a great way to learn pharmacology easily and effectively.

Have you been able to directly apply what you learned in HMX courses to your undergraduate study?

I’m so much more confident of my everyday tasks. We had those test pressure values [in HMX Physiology] – I just applied that concept to a lecture [in school], and it really helped me figure out what was going on. Those physiology lessons which I completed have really been very helpful, specifically with the balloon example [in the transmural pressure lesson]. And of course with the pH lesson, how bicarbonates will neutralize metabolic acidosis, or respiratory acidosis or alkalosis to normal pH, how they will excrete in the urine – those terms really helped me understand what is going on in the body when the body is trying to help itself, balancing those fluid volumes.

Was it a challenge to complete the courses while also in school?

I would sit down every day of the week in the evening until I sleep. I tried to finish as much as possible. Sometimes there were accumulations [of work] when I wasn’t doing much, maybe because my school exams came up, so I stopped doing HMX and I was more focused on my school – but I would come back because of the time flexibility. Even at school when we would have short breaks during lectures, I would sit down and start to do a lesson. That was very helpful being flexible, and made me easily complete my lessons.

Would you recommend the courses to others on a similar path?

Some of my junior nursing students came up to me and asked for some help, like ‘hey, how did you survive pharmacology, we don’t really understand physiology, how do we become good nurses in the future?’ I said ‘this is the path that I followed, if you want to learn more, go follow this link.’ I definitely did recommend it already to any of my friends; anyone who asks me for help I tell them this is what I do, and I think it will help you. Because I found it really helpful and beneficial to me, so I do recommend it honestly.

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